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O U R   S T O R Y

A B O U T  U S

Rioni Wood Products is a hardwood floors manufacturer that specialized in ornamental and parquet flooring.  For over 30 years of extensive experience, Rioni Wood Products has accomplished a flooring product of no comparison.


Our research and development team has been working hard on developing new techniques that would make the process of installing ornamental flooring easy where not only the professionals will enjoy the installation process but also those who are brave enough for “do it yourself” home project.


RioniWood Products has two patents pending to protect its inventions.

Our first patent protects Company’s new modifications to tongue and groove system and locking systems that were invented by the founder of the Company, Paata Dzigava.


Second patent present disclosure generally related to systems and methods that can be used to construct mosaic wood flooring panels and other wood products.

R I O N I  R I V E R

RioniWood Products gets its name from a river, “Rioni”, located in the Colchian rain forests of Georgia. The Colchian rain forests are mixed with hornbeam, oriental beech, sweet chestnut, and other hardwoods, which we use to produce our solid hardwood flooring products.

O U R   P R O D U C T S

Our philosophy is to create many options for our clients by standardizing sizes and wood panel options which will allow our customers to build their own unique design from our library of panels. For example, our star medallions can be places with other panels that will create a square medallion of their choice. Since all the detail are standardized it gives us many options.


We specialize in hardwood flooring, ornamental hardwood floor panels, borders, medallions. Use of our prefabricated hardwood floor panels with modified “tongue and groove” system results in less installation time. It also means less dust and noise, since, by the larger part, most of the work was already done by the Company’s specialists in manufacturing facility. The approximate installation time is 100 Sq/F per hour. Thickness of the wood panels meets trade standards, 3/4" thick solid or engineered wood and therefore it fits to all standard US flooring for inlay/medallion installation.

Rioni Wood Products hardwood flooring panels come unfinished or prefinished, glued, pressed and joined tightly together into monolithic design.  It was specially developed to save time and money of its customers. This product is affordable, efficient and of highest quality available on hardwood flooring market.

We are developing other wood products that are highly demanded today namely, floor trim, wall panels, wall trim, moldings, ceiling medallions, doors, stairs, stair balusters, columns, kitchens and furniture based on our technology.

Our Customer Service Department, Design Department and Repair Department work together to guarantee our customers a 100% satisfaction with our products and services.

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4907 1st Avenue

Brooklyn NY 11232

T/F: (718) 499-4547

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