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Natela Kravchuk June 18, 2013


Radiant Heating for Hardwood Floors


Radiant heating is become more common in homes and businesses across North American. Because of this, it’s important that contractors understand how radiant heat will affect hardwood flooring before, during, and after installation. There are a number of benefits to radiant heating, including:

Comfort - Heat is distributed evenly and noisily. You don’t have to hear a furnace come on every little bit and blow hot air.

Custom Designed - It can be used for a single room or the whole home. Radiant heat may be supplemental heat source or provide all heat for the home. There are no unsightly heating ducts or large control panels.

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Natela Kravchuk June 6, 2013

The Acclimation of Wood for Flooring Wood Products


The purpose of acclimating wood prior to its use is to allow for the adjustment of the moisture content to normal living conditions. If acclimation is not completed properly, the wood can warp, split, and crack once it has been installed. The temperature and humidity differences between the jobsite and the warehouse can be significant. One of the most susceptible products to these changes is hardwood flooring.

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Natela Kravchuk May 35, 2013

Humidity Test Prior to Hard Wood Floors Installation  


The wood used in the manufacturing of hard wood floors now comes from all over the world. Just fifty years or so ago, most of the trees used for flooring can from the forests surrounding the manufacturing plant. The wood was rather acclimated to the area and the necessity of moisture testing was not a great as it is today. The various climates throughout the United States can cause problems with hard wood floors if moisture testing is not completed prior to installation.

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